The glitter is gone, the streets have been swept clean, and the 40th anniversary of Sydney Mardi Gras has come to a close. Due to the parade’s anniversary and legalization of Gay Marriage in Australia, this year’s Mardi Gras was one for the books. In the mood to celebrate and steal a few pro tips for next year’s event, we sat down with Cosmopolitan Magazine’s main man, Denis Todorovic, to discuss Mardi Gras and Male Grooming.

 Images by Nicholas Gascoine, Styling by Denis Todorovic. Images by Nicholas Gascoine, Styling by Denis Todorovic.   The boots Denis wore while marching in the Mardi Gras parade. The boots Denis wore while marching in the Mardi Gras parade.

“When the SSM vote came through Yes last year it was a true moment in Australia’s history, and you could feel that throughout Mardi Gras”, Denis recalls how the Yes vote elevated emotions throughout this year’s parade. “It was really beautiful and I feel quite lucky to have been part of such a historical moment in LGBTQI culture”.


As a self proclaimed minimalist, Denis only requires a handful of products. Each morning, he cleanses his skin with a QV Cleanser, followed by Lactic Acid by The Ordinary (which has quickly become one of his favourite beauty brands). If his European skin is oily or experiencing breakouts, he’ll also use Nip & Fab Glycolic acid. Regardless of what he uses to wash and treat, he always follows with Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream or Evo’s ‘Winner’s’ face balm, which he swears by.  “I also cannot live without Q-Tips, I know that sounds weird but I’m super OCD about always having Q-Tips on hand”. You can get his favorite ones here. A good teeth brushing (with his fancy tooth brush) and swipe of Chapstick, then he’s out the door. Seriously, that’s it.

“I’m probably the most low-maintenance gay guy in Sydney. I’m definitely a minimalist and stick to my old faithfuls. From fragrances to skincare. I’m an absolute fragrance loyalist and will tend to wear one fragrance for 2-3 years (crazy I know) but I just love having a signature scent and something that feels very me. Right now I’m obsessed with Aesop’s Tacit and then switch between a Tom Ford and Narciso if I want something moodier for a night time event”


His tips and trick for next year’s Mardi Gras?

Call in an expert! “If I’m going to an event like Mardi Gras, I love to do a bit of boy-drag.  The trick is to get your face done by a drag queen. Coco Jumbo does the best face in Sydney. We’ll go for a really fabulous strong eye and strong highlight. The best way to remove this is baby wipes, my trusty Nivea and, if its really thick, a bit of oil!”

What about the morning after?

“The Sunday after Mardi Gras is always a really great time to recover with your friends, exchanging all the hilarious, juicy and fabulous stories of the day/night before.”


This year, “As soon as I got home – at around 7:30am, I reached for my Nivea moisturiser and a make-up wipe to remove all the glitter not only from my make-up from earlier in the day, but also the glitter you inevitably accumulate from Mardi Gras madness. I feel like glitter fills the air more than oxygen during MG. Once my face was somewhat clean, it was over to our friends’ rooftop in Redfern for wines, a little day-time dancing and a big debrief with the boys! Such a wonderful way to end a fabulous weekend!

 Image by Denis Image by Denis


Story by Molly Gay

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